Boiler Repair, Installation, and Service

Boilers can provide very valuable service to many different types of critical business applications. By heating water which gets circulated through a closed loop system of piping, a boiler can accomplish water heating, power generation, cooking, central heating, and even sanitation.
From this, it can be seen that a boiler provides some fairly essential services in locations where they’re being used, and if there are any sudden outages, it can be a major problem. At West Coast Mechanical Solutions, we have the expertise and the knowledge to handle all kinds of boiler installations, repairs, tune-ups, and regular maintenance, to keep your boiler functioning at its very best.

Technicians with Experience, Knowledge, and Dedication

We can service just about any model of boiler, regardless of where you purchased it from because our technicians have had experience in servicing virtually all models being presently manufactured. We can also help you whether you have a hot water boiler, a gas boiler or an electric boiler because the functionality of all of these is basically the same.

There are a number of problems which can occur with boilers, and our skilled specialists have had the opportunity to identify these problems many times, and find the quickest solution, so as to get them back online and working. Some of the most common kinds of problems are when the boiler doesn’t fire up properly, when it doesn’t heat water adequately, or it might be leaking, either from an obvious spot or from some unidentified source. Regardless of the kind of problem your boiler has, whatever replacement parts are needed will probably be already on board one of the mobile vans which we dispatch to your location so that no time is lost during repairs.

New boiler installation

If your business should need a new boiler installed, you can be confident that the job will be done right, and that the unit itself will be properly sized. In the past, many boilers were routinely installed at 30% greater capacity than the load which they had to service, with the thinking being that it was better to be on the safe side.
Today we know that over-sized boilers will generate excessive fuel bills and that under-sized boilers will usually not produce enough heat under load. When we handle your boiler installation, you can be sure that you will have a properly sized, highly efficient unit, which will adequately provide heating for whatever application it is intended to handle.

Boiler Repair in Olympia, WA

At West Coast Mechanical Solutions, you will find professional Refrigeration Mechanics; some working for our clients in the Thurston and Pierce County area for more than 25 years. We pride ourselves in offering the information and experience for satisfying your every need in the refrigeration field.
Whether that is inspecting your unit(s) for possible malfunction, installing them to your specifications or scheduling preventative maintenance to all but eliminate the possibility of its breaking down on you, we stand ready to respond no matter the time of day or night.
Professional commercial refrigeration repair brings with it the responsibility, on our part, to be up to date in all of the current technologies. That is the newest equipment, the newest and most critical testing pieces to maintain that equipment, along with the older models. This also includes the ability to suggest different types of equipment, based on your needs, for the proper operation of your commercial activities.
Commercial refrigeration repair has never offered you a more informed crew nor does it come at a better price in the Pacific North West. Contact West Coast Mechanical Solutions at (253) 225-0667 today for a free consultation regarding your commercial refrigeration needs. We strive to have the fastest turnaround in the business.